Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Smug McMuggins

Yes, I am feeling particularly smug about my knitting at the moment. Pouring over the youtube tutorials and just plenty of practice has paid off and I have finally made a hat for my wonderful Bobby which is the most technically tricky thing I have ever attempted.

We took the hat out for a test run on a walk round the harbour, its defo effective at keeping Rob's noggins toasty.
I based the pattern part on something I found on ravelry, and adapted for adult size.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Learning new tricks

For the past two weekends we haven't had too much going on so I've had lots of time to try out new techniques with the guidance of tutorials on youtube. One thing that I'm nearly getting the hang of is multi colour knitting - fair isle patterns mostly. I started a practise hat to get the hang of it yesterday, its slow going but it'll be worth it. Really need to spend some time with Mum though to learn how to hold the different yarns properly. Good job I'm popping home in a fortnight!

One thing that kept me going was this wonderful pic of Evvie wearing his Manu U jumper I made for him last month. Snug as a Bug!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cable Crazy!

Got a bit upset and angry today when some idiot students started laughing at me while I was knitting on the bus. Grrrrr not nice! Well, I just have to keep telling myself that they are very sad and stupid not to appreciate how wonderful knitting is.
October is the month of cable knits. I've made several things for birthdays all involving cabling and I'm ruddy pleased with them.
First up Lizzy got a Beret and scarf for her birthday.
Doesn't she look beautiful!!!!!
I bought some nice yarn from St Nicks Market - a super chunky wool acrylic and alpac mix. Just the right colours for Lizzy.I made the beret using this pattern -
The scarf I made up myself, will write the pattern when I've got some spare time.

Before I made Lizzy's hat, I did a trial run but didn't change to big needles for the main part of the hat. This one turned into more of a beanie but suits me rather well. Rob's been a little artistic with this pic, I'm not usually green!

Next up a little hat for my Pops.
I made this with some lovely yarn Coz and Mark gave to me for my birthday. Lovely lovely colour. I used the same basic hat pattern from my Hats hats Hats post and just incorporated some cabling.

I made a list of all the Crimbo knits I want to do over the next 3 months - its long, so I best get cracking - Tara for now!