Thursday, 16 December 2010

It was inevitable

I'm sad to report that PacMan Ghostie of Queen Square has gone. I like to think he is in a nice cosy home but its more likely hes rolling around in mud somewhere or in a bin.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A tinsy bit heart broken

Had some bad news today. I'd been getting ever so excited over the past few weeks since I found out that Adam Buxton was coming to Brizzle to do a gig at Start the Bus. I'd actually made him a hat which I was going to give as a gift. Its a ruddy good hat. 3 Pacman ghosties. I'm well pleased with it.

I have now been informed that Adam is no longer coming to Bristol due to filming commitments. I'm totally gutted. Absolutely gutted.  I will now spend the rest of the day sulking.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Nanna hits the big smoke...well, East Dulwich

Bobby and I visited Paul and Nicole this weekend and of course I wasn't going to miss an Yarn Bombing opportunity in the big smoke. I'd made three pieces (below is me knitting the third in their kitchen) but unfortunately only managed to put one up. 

This lil' Space Invader went up on Lordship Lane outside a rather nice pub called the Bishop. Thanks to Paul for taking a rather nice pic on his swanky iPhone 4. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Myspace posing

Haven't done this in a long while but I have two new hats and new specs to model so I adopted the classic Myspace pose for the purpose of this post.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Taking it to a new level

This morning I partook in my most brazen graffiti activity so far. At 7.20 (not quite rush hour but nearly) on the walk up the hill to Bristol Temple Meads, Pacman Ghostie No.2 was established. I was shaking like a leaf while I was sewing him on to this lamppost - on my tod, a fair few people around AND it wasn't dark anymore. CRIPES. This one will definitely be brought down quickly, but its in a high impact position and thats the price one pays for showing off one's knits!I love the way he looks down on the commuters with sympathy. Picture isn't great I know but I was a nervous wreck!

I've got a habit

This guerrilla knitting is addictive! I'm now constantly on the lookout of a well positioned lamppost that could do with a lil bit on wool wrapped around it. Have also extended my repertoire to Pacman Ghosties!

Met up with Siany JP and Tony last weekend in the Prince of Wales on the G road for afternoon drinks before Strictly. While it was nice hanging out with friends we were thoroughly peed off by the clan of idiots who tried to push us off our table and were generally being a nuisance. There was a silver lining though - managed to put a Space Invader up (with the help of Big T's long arms) outside the pub. This is a busy spot, not sure if its still there but will be up that way this weekend to check.
And my accomplice...While I was sewing it up some French ladies came over and took a pic and congratulated me - Oh I was super chuffted.

The next day we all went on a lovely trip to Bradford on Avon. Very lovely it was too. Bradford is a little to quaint for the sort of yarn bombing I do, so we saved this little number until we got back to Brizzle. On the walk home through Queens Square, my first Pacman Ghostie went up (again with the help Tony). Now this is quite a busy spot so I imagine it won't last long, in fact when I went past yesterday morning it had been stretched and was right at the bottom of the lamppost. I defiantly pushed it backup!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nanna has gone Guerrilla

Well, it was inevitable I'd get involved in this sort of shenanigans. I'd spotted some yarn bombing in Stokes Croft and thought to myself, I want a peice of that!

I've put three peices up so far, two space invaders and a robot. If they stay up for a week I'll be over the moon.

Space Invader Mach 1

Not particularly clear on these pics but this is the Robot, can't help but sing 'the humans are dead, the humans are dead' when I see him. 000000100000011

Space Invader Mach 2. Pushing him up as far as I could reach so the hoodlums on their BMXs couldn't get hold of him

Look at the moon!

Watch out Bristolians, I'm going to be putting more up soon!

A Rather Smashing Hat

After a few recent knitting hiccups (which I'm not going to post as they look quite rubbish), Nanna got her mojo back and created a hat masterpeice!

Rob Mark and Duffy went to see the dark lord Nick for his 30th Birthday and I made this little wonder for him using this chart I found on Ravelry
I think he likes it.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Smug McMuggins

Yes, I am feeling particularly smug about my knitting at the moment. Pouring over the youtube tutorials and just plenty of practice has paid off and I have finally made a hat for my wonderful Bobby which is the most technically tricky thing I have ever attempted.

We took the hat out for a test run on a walk round the harbour, its defo effective at keeping Rob's noggins toasty.
I based the pattern part on something I found on ravelry, and adapted for adult size.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Learning new tricks

For the past two weekends we haven't had too much going on so I've had lots of time to try out new techniques with the guidance of tutorials on youtube. One thing that I'm nearly getting the hang of is multi colour knitting - fair isle patterns mostly. I started a practise hat to get the hang of it yesterday, its slow going but it'll be worth it. Really need to spend some time with Mum though to learn how to hold the different yarns properly. Good job I'm popping home in a fortnight!

One thing that kept me going was this wonderful pic of Evvie wearing his Manu U jumper I made for him last month. Snug as a Bug!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cable Crazy!

Got a bit upset and angry today when some idiot students started laughing at me while I was knitting on the bus. Grrrrr not nice! Well, I just have to keep telling myself that they are very sad and stupid not to appreciate how wonderful knitting is.
October is the month of cable knits. I've made several things for birthdays all involving cabling and I'm ruddy pleased with them.
First up Lizzy got a Beret and scarf for her birthday.
Doesn't she look beautiful!!!!!
I bought some nice yarn from St Nicks Market - a super chunky wool acrylic and alpac mix. Just the right colours for Lizzy.I made the beret using this pattern -
The scarf I made up myself, will write the pattern when I've got some spare time.

Before I made Lizzy's hat, I did a trial run but didn't change to big needles for the main part of the hat. This one turned into more of a beanie but suits me rather well. Rob's been a little artistic with this pic, I'm not usually green!

Next up a little hat for my Pops.
I made this with some lovely yarn Coz and Mark gave to me for my birthday. Lovely lovely colour. I used the same basic hat pattern from my Hats hats Hats post and just incorporated some cabling.

I made a list of all the Crimbo knits I want to do over the next 3 months - its long, so I best get cracking - Tara for now!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Babies finally in their jumpers

Yeah! The Babies are finally big enough to wear their Nanna D creations.
Oscar was the first. Unfortunately they were also the first jumpers I made and I hadn't quite got the dimensions correct, whoopsie! the arms are a little short, but I've learnt from this mistake and future jumpers won't have this issue.

Here is Oscar in the very first jumper I made.

Next up my wonderful nephew little Leo is in his stripey jumper. Nice jim jams Mat!

and Finally Evan in his Tiger jumper, a roarrring success, BOOM BOOM!

Hats Hats and yet more Hats

I've put the baby jumpers on hold for the past few months and been concentrating on Hats! I've found a nice easy pattern on Ravelry which I've used again and again but varied it by adding stripes. The link to the pattern is down so here's my abbreviated version

Basic pattern for Adult woolly hat

Using 4mm double pointed needles
DK yarn
Tapestry needle

Cast on 110 stitches.
If using double pointed join to form a loop being careful not to twist.
K2 P3 int he round for 6 rows
K in the round until measure 5-6 inches
1.*K8, K2tog* repeat for one row
2. K whole row
3*K7, K2tog* repeat for one row
4. K whole row
5*K6, K2tog* repeat for one row
6. K whole row
Repeat this pattern until you *K1, K1tog*

Using the tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the remaining stitches and pull tight to close the hole at the top of the hat. bind off the thread and there you have it!

These hats only take me a couple of days knitting on the bus and train so they have been great as little pressies for chums.

The first I did was Julien's Lyon hat. I'm afraid I don't have a picture of it, but will add it in when I get hold of one.

Then there was Nigel's birthday hat, featuring his favourite colours purple and blue.

Oscar also had a go with Nigel's hat, what a charmer.

Next up a leaving pressy for Kev. Hes off on his world travels so I thought it would be nice for him to have a hat in his LFC team colours to keep him warm on those chilly New Zealand nights.

Last weekend we had a little family meet up, all surrounding a Brentford - Rovers game. As my Uncles Neil and Louis and my Cousin James are Brentford FC fans I thought it a perfect hat opportunity.
Here are the Brentford Boys sporting the Bees hats I made,while enjoying a visit to Clifton suspension bridge.

More hats to come shortly!

Fixing bad habits

Since I've been knitting again (past year or so), I'd picked up some bad habits, mainly I wasn't holding the tail yarn incorrectly, gripping it in my fist rather than wrapping it round my index finger. This meant it was very tricky to do any interesting colour patterns. I'm now in the process of re-training myself so my knitting is quite slow at the mo. Its a bit frustrating but its worth me putting the effort in now so I can do more interesting things later!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Recent Knits for Bubbies

Well its been quite a while since I've been on here and lots of things have happened. Mostly lots of bubbies have popped out so I'm able to give out my knitted pressies.

1st to note is little Leo Jack Dowden born 5th May, 5 weeks early so a tiny little man. As soon as he arrived I knitted up a little Swans jumper based on my usual pattern but just smaller. Here is a picture of him with Mama Chlo at about 2 weeks old I think, still in hospital, but looking rather splendid.

Next up Evan John Jenkinson arrived on 7th July. Now, Lizzy had asked for a blanket, but I got a little carried away. I decided a nice patchwork number would be easiest to do because I could easily knitt the squares on the way to work, well I started it then realise for it to be the size of a standard cot, it needed to be much bigger. I ended up knitting 99 different squares in simple stocking stitch and sewed them together alternating knit side, pearl side, knit side, pearl side etc. I then knitted 4 long strips in basket stictch for the border. I also ordered the applique letters off the tinternet and sewed them on with extra stiching around any pokey corners.

Sewing the whole lot together was a bit of a mission especially as I realised that I needed to put somthing on the back to hide all the stiching. After having a chat to my crafty colleague Karen I opted to add some quilting. This is just basic cotton and wadding sewn together with additional cotton strips for a border. I then sewed by hand the knitted peice to the quilting. The overall size is 100 cms by 120 cms. It was all very time consuming but it didn't feel that bad as luckily I had just got into Supernatural and would just sew and knit away while watching Sam and Dean fight demons and angels. Actually, it was total bliss!

And here is the finished article with a little Evan trying it out!

I have a few other jumpers nearly done so should be putting them up in the next few weeks.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Lizzy and Daft Bump sporting the tiger Jumper, Rrrrrroaaaarrr

Chloe and Bozo Bump modelling stripey jumper
Anna sporting the Kurt Cobain/Dennis the Menace Jumper
I had my 30th Birthday party over the weekend and managed to give three baby jumper's out to Mat & Chlo, Liz & Liam and J & Anna.

Had a few days off and got to do a lot of knitting in the sun by the waterfront. I was making a hot water bottle cover which I hope to finish in the next few days. Will post pic when done.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

So this is my first attempt at writing down the baby jumper pattern.
Over time I will amend to make more accurate and easier to interpret. I'll also add pictures to help illustrate steps in the pattern.

To fit age (approx) 0-6 months

You will need

  • 75 gram ball of any Double Knit Yarn
  • 3 ¼ mm needles
  • 4 mm needles
  • Wool needle
  • 4 Buttons


22 sts and 30 row to 10 cm (stocking stitch on 4 mm needles)


Cast On =

K = Knit

P = Purl

st = Stitch
sts = Stitches

Stocking st = 1 row K, 1 row P

Ribbing st
= Row 1 - K1, P1, K1, P1 to end
Row 2 = P1, K1, K1, P1

Tog = together
Inc = increase by adding a st
use cast on method,

Beg = beginning
Rep = repeat
Yrn = Loop the yarn around the needle
Rem = remaining
RS = Right side
WS = Wrong side


Using 3 ¼ mm needles
Cast on 51
Ribbing stitch for 6 rows

Change to 4 mm needles
Stocking stitch for 60 rows

Change to 3 ¼ mm needles
Ribbing stitch for 6 rows

Shoulder Tabs –
Row 1 RS facing, Ribbing stitch for 13 st
Turn and work this tab first while leaving the remaining stitches on the needle
Rows 2-3 Ribbing st for a further 2 rows
Row 4 WR facing, P1,K1,P1, Yrn1, K2tog, K1,P1,K1, K2tog, Yrn1, P1,K1,P1
Row 5-6 Ribbing st for 2 rows
Cast off

Back to the remaining stitches.

RS facing Cast off 25
Row 1-3 Ribbing st the remaining 13 stitches
Row 4 WR facing, P1,K1,P1, Yrn1, K2tog, K1,P1,K1, K2tog, Yrn1, P1,K1,P1
Row 5-6 Ribbing st for 2 rows
Cast off


Using 3 ¼ mm needles
Cast on 51
Ribbing stitch for 6 rows

Change to 4 mm needles
Stocking stitch for 48 rows

Neck edge –
Row 1 K22
Turn and work this tab first while leaving the remaining stitches on the needle
Row 2 P2tog P to end of row
Row 3 K to last 2 sts, the K2tog
Row 4 P2tog P to end of row
Row 5 K row
Row 6 P2tog p to end of row
Row 7 K row
Row 8 P2tog p to end of row
Row 9-12 stocking st

RS facing, slip centre 10 sts on to worked side needle

Row 1 K17
Row 2 P to last 2 sts, the P2tog
Row 3 K2tog K to end of row
Row 4 P to last 2 sts, the P2tog
Row 5 K row
Row 6 P to last 2 sts, the P2tog
Row 7 K row
Row 8 P to last 2 sts, the P2tog
Row 9-12 stocking st

Slip all sts on to 1 needle

Change to 3 ¼ mm needles
RS facing
K 13 sts, pick up and K 8 sts from the neck line edge, K 10 centre sts, pick ip an K 8 from other neck line edge, K remaining 13 sts.
Starting with a P st, ribbing for 5 rows
Cast off

Sleeves – make 2

Using 3 ¼ mm needles
Cast on 51
Ribbing stitch for 6 rows

Change to 4 mm needles
Stocking stitch for 4 rows

Shape sides by Inc 1 st at the Beg of every row until you have 51 sts
Stocking stitch for 2 rows
Inc by 1 st at Beg at next 2 rows
Stocking stitch for next 10 rows
Cast off loosely

Make up

Press lightly under a dry cloth using a cool iron

Place front and back pieces together, the tabs extending above shoulder edge

Lightly sew the front and back together at the top left and right corner

Place the centre of the cast off edge of the sleeves to the shoulder seams, th sew the sleeves to the Front and Back.

Sew up the jumper sides and sleeve seams – fold edging in to WS and sew in place.

Sew buttons (two on either side) onto front shoulder, ribbing stitch edge with stocking stitch edge.

If there are any gaps around the neck line, sew up on the WS. Sew into the knitting and trim any yarn ends.

You can now wash according to yarn instructions, but I like to just give the jumper a hand wash.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Rob has offered to be my model tonight so I should get some pics up of some old scarves later

Monday, 15 March 2010

My First Post!!!!

Just a quick update on my current projects

Have just finished 2 jumpers for baby Kempt. I hope to give them to Coz and Mark on Sunday and will post some pics and the petterns for them after that.

Working on a stripey Jumper and a simple blanket for my nephew who arrives in June. Again, pics will be up after I've actually given them to Mat and Chlo. The Jumper is my priority at the mo as its quite small so easy to take on the train and bus to work. Its also looking really neat and professional so I like to show off by knitting it in public places.