Monday, 12 March 2012

Monster Monster Monster

I treated myself to Rebecca Danger's Monster book last month and it has been a rather brilliant investment.

Check out my Monsters!

Here we have Cecil, Hugo, Curtis and Morvan. It was a nightmare getting them to sit still for 5 seconds while I took this picture.

Morvan and Curtis have been re-homed so I'm looking forward to making some more soon.

Easter Fundraising

Our Knitting group at work have been beavering away making Easter egg knits to sell to raise funds for Omnibus, the staff association.
My contribution so far is 5 chicks and 4 baskets. Hope to get a few more done by Easter for them.

WoW Gorilla, AGAIN!

We were lucky enough to get hold of two of the replica WOW Gorillas and of course, one of them was the very lovely Blue who donned my knitted attire over last summer.

As Ma and Pa were about when I did that particular bombing I thought I'd give it to them as a gift. Dad sent me a message to say he had escaped en route to the car. They managed to take some pics of him in his natural habitat before recapture.