Thursday, 6 June 2013

General Catch up

I've been ruddy awful at keeping this blog up to date over the past year or so. It was only when I was having a browse through my phone's pictures that I realised how many of my knits haven't actually made it on here.

As a quick remedy I've decided to do a mega post. Its not necessarily in chronological order but hey ho, life's too short.

So a while back Start the Bus were doing a charity auction of LP covers designed by anyone who fancied providing one. I'd just got going with crochet and put this thing together. I didn't make it on the night so have no idea what happened to it. Fingers crossed it raised some dosh for a good cause.

Yes, this is what you think it is. A little commission for a hen do. Might have overdone it with the hairy balls but the recipient was pleased with it.

I got hold of some cuddles yarn for a project which will soon be up on the blog. With the left overs I did little  bear hat for my manager's daughter.

Rob got me an awesome animal hat book for my bday - what a gem. I've made a couple of hybrid items from it by combining patterns like this froggy. Froggy was a gift for Rob's cousin's son on his Christening day.

Our lovely friend Karen got this cat hat. Although it is a bit mousey, it is defo supposed to be a cat.

Crikey, I think I made these nearly a year ago! Some mug hugs for the boyz, Duffy, Liam and Big T.

Oh look, its my Hairdresser Rich in a beard. Rich cuts awesome hair - Blow Me