Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Taking it to a new level

This morning I partook in my most brazen graffiti activity so far. At 7.20 (not quite rush hour but nearly) on the walk up the hill to Bristol Temple Meads, Pacman Ghostie No.2 was established. I was shaking like a leaf while I was sewing him on to this lamppost - on my tod, a fair few people around AND it wasn't dark anymore. CRIPES. This one will definitely be brought down quickly, but its in a high impact position and thats the price one pays for showing off one's knits!I love the way he looks down on the commuters with sympathy. Picture isn't great I know but I was a nervous wreck!

I've got a habit

This guerrilla knitting is addictive! I'm now constantly on the lookout of a well positioned lamppost that could do with a lil bit on wool wrapped around it. Have also extended my repertoire to Pacman Ghosties!

Met up with Siany JP and Tony last weekend in the Prince of Wales on the G road for afternoon drinks before Strictly. While it was nice hanging out with friends we were thoroughly peed off by the clan of idiots who tried to push us off our table and were generally being a nuisance. There was a silver lining though - managed to put a Space Invader up (with the help of Big T's long arms) outside the pub. This is a busy spot, not sure if its still there but will be up that way this weekend to check.
And my accomplice...While I was sewing it up some French ladies came over and took a pic and congratulated me - Oh I was super chuffted.

The next day we all went on a lovely trip to Bradford on Avon. Very lovely it was too. Bradford is a little to quaint for the sort of yarn bombing I do, so we saved this little number until we got back to Brizzle. On the walk home through Queens Square, my first Pacman Ghostie went up (again with the help Tony). Now this is quite a busy spot so I imagine it won't last long, in fact when I went past yesterday morning it had been stretched and was right at the bottom of the lamppost. I defiantly pushed it backup!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nanna has gone Guerrilla

Well, it was inevitable I'd get involved in this sort of shenanigans. I'd spotted some yarn bombing in Stokes Croft and thought to myself, I want a peice of that!

I've put three peices up so far, two space invaders and a robot. If they stay up for a week I'll be over the moon.

Space Invader Mach 1

Not particularly clear on these pics but this is the Robot, can't help but sing 'the humans are dead, the humans are dead' when I see him. 000000100000011

Space Invader Mach 2. Pushing him up as far as I could reach so the hoodlums on their BMXs couldn't get hold of him

Look at the moon!

Watch out Bristolians, I'm going to be putting more up soon!

A Rather Smashing Hat

After a few recent knitting hiccups (which I'm not going to post as they look quite rubbish), Nanna got her mojo back and created a hat masterpeice!

Rob Mark and Duffy went to see the dark lord Nick for his 30th Birthday and I made this little wonder for him using this chart I found on Ravelry http://www.flickr.com/photos/76543762@N00/2598386321
I think he likes it.