Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nanna has gone Guerrilla

Well, it was inevitable I'd get involved in this sort of shenanigans. I'd spotted some yarn bombing in Stokes Croft and thought to myself, I want a peice of that!

I've put three peices up so far, two space invaders and a robot. If they stay up for a week I'll be over the moon.

Space Invader Mach 1

Not particularly clear on these pics but this is the Robot, can't help but sing 'the humans are dead, the humans are dead' when I see him. 000000100000011

Space Invader Mach 2. Pushing him up as far as I could reach so the hoodlums on their BMXs couldn't get hold of him

Look at the moon!

Watch out Bristolians, I'm going to be putting more up soon!

1 comment:

  1. These are great! Been out of town for a few weeks but will look out for the when I am back.

    I'm the knitter of the knobbly thing on Stokes Croft by the way, glad you got inspired. Maybe we can do a big collaboration at some point!