Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sorry... I'm back

Me: Hello Blog, I’m back!
Blog: Well hello stranger, where the heck have you been? I’ve been thoroughly neglected for such a long time, thought you had fallen out with me or summit
Me: I know, I know  I’m super sorry blog, but I’ve had boring life shizzle going on and you really don’t want to hear the deats.
Blog: Tru dat, and I don’t want any self-indulgent smugness about significant life events on here either missy.
Me: I’m afraid I might not be able to help myself Blog, some trumpet blowing may slip in here and there
Blog: Ok well, I spose that is kind of the whole point of a blog. Just make sure it isn’t OTT then, I don't want to be vomming.
Me: It’s a deal
Blog: Well get on with it then, I need updating!
Me: To be honest I think I'm just going to put a load of pictures up n'that.
Blog: please, just put ANYTHING up.
Me: Alright tetchy

My woolly bouquet (yeah, I got hitched)

Some of my woolly wedding bunting

Bee and Dog, just hanging, Don't think they actually like each other, but both are too socially awkward to kick off

One super proud T-Rex in his new tank-top. The lady T-Rexes are just going to swoon over this dapper chap 

You can look but you can't touch

Easter chick toking on the easter chick equivalent to a Camberwell carrot. And on a School night, crazy Mo Fo.  

Some urchins p***ing about with my knitted cakes in my garden. Ha! the jokes on them - they can't actually eat them and that's a structurally unsafe wall.

My new nephew got a bear

The twins got Monsters

Alice got a bunny

San Fran got Yarn bombed

Cherry got a hat...

...and cardi.

Orla got a hat and cardi too (I'm so effing original)

Family Duck race featuring my woolly duck

Scarf work

Memory Jar (featuring camo pig)  - to keep my happy