Monday, 25 April 2011

Cottage Inn Space Invader

We went out on the Tower Belle to Beese's tea rooms for my Birthday celebrations on Good Friday. We headed to the Cottage Inn for booze and chips afterwards. I popped up an old favourite while we were there with the help of Sailor Cat.

I popped over the next day and it had been turned round. That happens to allot of my yarn bombs actually - strange.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nanna does Africa

Well, Well, Well, I have 3 reasons to celebrate today.

  1.  Its me Birfday
  2.  I’m back in the wonderful Brizzle after our holly bols in South Africa
  3. I managed to do 3 Yarn Bombs while I was away!
I had an incident at Heathrow when I forgot to move my knitting from my hand luggage to my suitcase. I had to chuck a pair of needles. Luckily within 1 hr of landing in Johannesburg, I was able to pick up a replacement pair – RESULT.

The pieces I put up are technically not great, but their positioning is pretty impressive.

First up, an old faithful at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. These are very impressive buildings that house the SA government and president offices. Jacob Zuma could well have been watching me as I attacked his grounds! The buildings look out over a really beautiful large sloping garden and here is where Nanna’s SA yarn bomb No. 1 was placed.

We were staying with and being guided around by Gareth, my Dad’s mate from their Uni days. He was really enthusiastic about the yarn bombing and encouraged me to make up a couple of pieces of the SA National Park’s logo – the Kudu.

Here is the logo

Here is a Kudu we saw in Kruger Park (check out those curly horns!)

 And here is my Graffiti

This is positioned in the Berg en Dal rest camp, a short walk from reception. Dad hid me while I was putting it up but as soon as we walked away some rather intrigued staff members started fiddling with it. It was still there when we left though.

Last of all I put another Kudu logo up at the Royal Natal park in the Drakensberg Mountains. It’s a triffic place for walks with some spectacular views. Although this is not technically the logo for this park, I still think it works.

In gratitude for Gareth’s enthusiasm I also did a little sampler of a Rainbow trout to live at his Trout Farm near Dullstroom. Will add a pic shortly.

You can probably tell from the pics above that I only took a few different coloured yarns with me. I also made the majority of the peices in the back of a Landrover hurtling down the N3 and N1.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mini Fi

It was Fi's 30th Bday this week. She had an F themed party. There was a Flapper, Flight Attendant, Frenchies, Farmer, Fighter Pilot, Fairies, I was Father Ted, Mat was Father Dougal and Fi was  a French Maid. I wanted to make her something special as its an important Bday. I used the basic doll pattern from the knitted icons book that Chlo gave me at Crimbo, and made the outfit from felt, lace and an old pair of fishnets.

Mini Fi!