Monday, 31 January 2011

More Knits for Chums

It was Mark's 31st birthday gathering on the weekend so I rustled up a little hat in his favourite Everton colours.

Based on this pattern
Its got an interesting rib pattern to it which made it look a bit more manly than the other hats I've made

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Knits for chums

Its Two Hats Cat! with a scarf

 Its the Duffbot!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The arrival of JJD

Just before crimbo little James Dickens was born.

Here are Pete and Su with a little stripey hoodie I made for him.

I based the pattern on one I found on ravelry
but used doubled up DK

Manic Street Preachers JDB balaclava

My friend JP has a friend called James. The Manics were a very important part of JP and James' formative years so JP asked me to make a JDB balaclava  (as seen here: as a nostalgic bday gift for James.

I jumped at the chance!

I think it turned out pretty bloody well.
Heres Rob modelling it

Here is the pattern:

Using 4mm straight needles and Black DKyarn


Cast on 72

K2 P2 for 28 rows

Increase stiches up to 109, (I increased either side of the knit stiches)
Stocking stitch for 20 rows


Cast off tightly 22,
K to end
P to cast off line,
Turn work and  Cast on loosely 22 stitches,
Turn work and P to end of row

Stocking stitch for 20 rows

Cast off tightly 14,
Cast off tightly 14,
K to end of row

P to cast off line,
Turn Work and Cast on loosely 14,
Turn work and P7,
Turn Work and Cast on loosely 14,
Turn Work and P to end of row

Stocking stitch for 4 rows


K33, start pattern using White DK yarn (sorry for poor quality, will update at some point)
Stocking stitch for 4 rows


K8, K2tog repeat for one row

P whole row
K7, K2tog repeat for one row
P whole row
K6, K2tog repeat for one row
K whole row
Repeat this pattern until you K1, K1tog

Finishing Off

Using a tapestry needle thread yarn through remaining stitches
and sew up back of balaclava.

Do not sew right to the bottom of the garter stitch neck part, leave about 2 inches open so the wearer to get the balaclava on.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Temple Meads Ghostie attacked

Heatbreaking sight, I know

but I managed to revive him!!!!

I imagine it won't be long before he's taken like all my other public knits. Ho Hum

New phone ...

new knitted phone sock. Peeps at work were quite impressed and a little envious.

It's a super easy pattern that keeps a HTC wildfire snug as a bug.

Using size 3 3l4 mm straight needles
Cast on 29
Row 1: K2, P1 to row end
Row 2: P2, K1 to row end
Row 3: as Row 1

Stocking stich in alternating colour stripes for 32 rows
Cast off

Using a tapestry needle sew together bottom and side edge.


Monday, 3 January 2011

Camp it up Crimbo Knits

Tis the season to be knitting, Fa la la la la la la la la!

Well its back to work tomorrow, boooooo, but I am happy that I managed to give some knitted gifts this Crimbo.

Evan and Oscar got some traditional Christmas knitwear.

I'm super chuffed with how they turned out.It was a super rush to get them done in time for Christmas day. Evan's was my first attempt at a cardigan and I made up the pattern myself. Oscar's was my first attempt at a V Neck and that was also without instructions.

They don't necessarily fit very well, but isn't that the whole point of a Crimbo Jumper!

I also got some super amazing knitting books as pressies. I'm over the moon with them and I can't wait to get started on some of the patterns.