Wednesday, 6 March 2013

IWD Yarn Bombing

Its been soooo long since I've done any yarn bombing but I'm pleased to say I'm back with a bang!

I'd been gradually made 5 large stripey pieces with the knitting machine over the past few months, but didn't really have anything to Yarn Bomb for.
Luckily I had Sian on hand to tell me that its International Women's Day (IWD) on the 8th March - Lets be honest, the majority of knitters out there are women afterall.  I decided to decorate some trees in the lovely Brandon Hill Park ready for IWD on the Friday.

Tuesday was the most wonderful yarn bombing experience I've had yet. I was out and about by 6.45am as the sun was rising. It was just lovely, I had a fantastic dawn chorus accompanying me, it was all very Mary Poppins- as if they were singing along  with encouragement! And then there was the sun, a perfect glowing orange ball rising over the buildings and branches, just perfect. It was so peaceful, only a few dogs and their walkers passed me by. Actually, at one point a very friendly Old English Sheepdog seemed a bit too interested. All I could do was say 'Hello doggy, please don't wee on me, pleeease don't wee on me. I was saved by his owner who eventually distracted him with a ball. 

 Thats going to look lovely when the Daffs come out

Oooh look, its Cabot Tower

I didn't manage to get all the pieces up on the sunny Tuesday so headed back there on Wednesday which was a bit wet and and even quieter.

Happy IWD everyone!