Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sorry... I'm back

Me: Hello Blog, I’m back!
Blog: Well hello stranger, where the heck have you been? I’ve been thoroughly neglected for such a long time, thought you had fallen out with me or summit
Me: I know, I know  I’m super sorry blog, but I’ve had boring life shizzle going on and you really don’t want to hear the deats.
Blog: Tru dat, and I don’t want any self-indulgent smugness about significant life events on here either missy.
Me: I’m afraid I might not be able to help myself Blog, some trumpet blowing may slip in here and there
Blog: Ok well, I spose that is kind of the whole point of a blog. Just make sure it isn’t OTT then, I don't want to be vomming.
Me: It’s a deal
Blog: Well get on with it then, I need updating!
Me: To be honest I think I'm just going to put a load of pictures up n'that.
Blog: please, just put ANYTHING up.
Me: Alright tetchy

My woolly bouquet (yeah, I got hitched)

Some of my woolly wedding bunting

Bee and Dog, just hanging, Don't think they actually like each other, but both are too socially awkward to kick off

One super proud T-Rex in his new tank-top. The lady T-Rexes are just going to swoon over this dapper chap 

You can look but you can't touch

Easter chick toking on the easter chick equivalent to a Camberwell carrot. And on a School night, crazy Mo Fo.  

Some urchins p***ing about with my knitted cakes in my garden. Ha! the jokes on them - they can't actually eat them and that's a structurally unsafe wall.

My new nephew got a bear

The twins got Monsters

Alice got a bunny

San Fran got Yarn bombed

Cherry got a hat...

...and cardi.

Orla got a hat and cardi too (I'm so effing original)

Family Duck race featuring my woolly duck

Scarf work

Memory Jar (featuring camo pig)  - to keep my happy

Thursday, 6 June 2013

General Catch up

I've been ruddy awful at keeping this blog up to date over the past year or so. It was only when I was having a browse through my phone's pictures that I realised how many of my knits haven't actually made it on here.

As a quick remedy I've decided to do a mega post. Its not necessarily in chronological order but hey ho, life's too short.

So a while back Start the Bus were doing a charity auction of LP covers designed by anyone who fancied providing one. I'd just got going with crochet and put this thing together. I didn't make it on the night so have no idea what happened to it. Fingers crossed it raised some dosh for a good cause.

Yes, this is what you think it is. A little commission for a hen do. Might have overdone it with the hairy balls but the recipient was pleased with it.

I got hold of some cuddles yarn for a project which will soon be up on the blog. With the left overs I did little  bear hat for my manager's daughter.

Rob got me an awesome animal hat book for my bday - what a gem. I've made a couple of hybrid items from it by combining patterns like this froggy. Froggy was a gift for Rob's cousin's son on his Christening day.

Our lovely friend Karen got this cat hat. Although it is a bit mousey, it is defo supposed to be a cat.

Crikey, I think I made these nearly a year ago! Some mug hugs for the boyz, Duffy, Liam and Big T.

Oh look, its my Hairdresser Rich in a beard. Rich cuts awesome hair - Blow Me

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

IWD Yarn Bombing

Its been soooo long since I've done any yarn bombing but I'm pleased to say I'm back with a bang!

I'd been gradually made 5 large stripey pieces with the knitting machine over the past few months, but didn't really have anything to Yarn Bomb for.
Luckily I had Sian on hand to tell me that its International Women's Day (IWD) on the 8th March - Lets be honest, the majority of knitters out there are women afterall.  I decided to decorate some trees in the lovely Brandon Hill Park ready for IWD on the Friday.

Tuesday was the most wonderful yarn bombing experience I've had yet. I was out and about by 6.45am as the sun was rising. It was just lovely, I had a fantastic dawn chorus accompanying me, it was all very Mary Poppins- as if they were singing along  with encouragement! And then there was the sun, a perfect glowing orange ball rising over the buildings and branches, just perfect. It was so peaceful, only a few dogs and their walkers passed me by. Actually, at one point a very friendly Old English Sheepdog seemed a bit too interested. All I could do was say 'Hello doggy, please don't wee on me, pleeease don't wee on me. I was saved by his owner who eventually distracted him with a ball. 

 Thats going to look lovely when the Daffs come out

Oooh look, its Cabot Tower

I didn't manage to get all the pieces up on the sunny Tuesday so headed back there on Wednesday which was a bit wet and and even quieter.

Happy IWD everyone!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Twas the season to be knitting, fah la la la la la la la lah

This year I made all the little boyz in my in my life little crochet animals using one of the books I received as a leaving pressy from Bath.

Leo is well into Dinosaurs at the mo so he got this friendly little chap.

So  Bobby and I spent our first Crimbobs away from Bristol in 4 years. We travelled over to visit Mat, Chlo and Leo then on to Rob's parent's for the rest of the week. It was the perfect opportunity  to finish off some of those half done projects lurking down next to the sofa. I managed to finish off a tea cosy which I stopped messing with as it gave me a touch of the ol' RSI.

I also finally finished off a shawl I started with some fancy cotton yarn I treated myself to yonks ago.

I did allow myself a to start a new project too. Its ruddy freezing in the office at work so I thought I'd make myself a 'work' cardi. I used this fab little pattern from Ravelry called Graylina and it was easy peasy.

It knit up so so quick and has actually turned out a bit to nice for work!

While we were staying in Rutland, Rob's Dad revealed that he had done a bit of knitting in the past.  While at Primary school he has made a little weaved woolen bag and given it to his mum as a present. She passed away a few years and ago and Robs Dad was surprised to find it when clearing out her house -  she had kept it all those years!

Well, I thought it such a lovely knitty related story that I had to include it here in me bloggins.

So what will 2013 hold for Nanna??? Well I've vowed to cut back on the old knitting for others and concentrate on yarn bombing. Lets see if this ends up as every other resolution I've made or whether I manage to stick to it!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hey you guuuyyyyyyyys

Well Well Well. This was a bit of a mammoth project but it was defo worth the effort. Pip and Nicky asked me to make a baby blanket for their Goonies loving chum's new arrival. I foolishly started making tit in chunky yarn with 6mm needles - it turned into a monster, more of a blanket for a single bed rather than a little bubby.

I decided to make it as one main piece with the required motif plus top and bottom sections of patchwork in different textures. This worked out quite well as I could do the patchwork part on the move. 

And here is how it grew - 

To finish it off I added a crochet border with my new skillz.

Ta da!

Autumnal Knits

Autumn arrived with a bang for me - all down to starting a new job really. Its been quite hectic but I've managed to keep up with the wooly activity.

With my new crochet skillz I made a nice little cloche hat  and lacey collar for the very 1920s Sian

And Cat got some cutie pie Owls for her Bday