Monday, 26 July 2010

Recent Knits for Bubbies

Well its been quite a while since I've been on here and lots of things have happened. Mostly lots of bubbies have popped out so I'm able to give out my knitted pressies.

1st to note is little Leo Jack Dowden born 5th May, 5 weeks early so a tiny little man. As soon as he arrived I knitted up a little Swans jumper based on my usual pattern but just smaller. Here is a picture of him with Mama Chlo at about 2 weeks old I think, still in hospital, but looking rather splendid.

Next up Evan John Jenkinson arrived on 7th July. Now, Lizzy had asked for a blanket, but I got a little carried away. I decided a nice patchwork number would be easiest to do because I could easily knitt the squares on the way to work, well I started it then realise for it to be the size of a standard cot, it needed to be much bigger. I ended up knitting 99 different squares in simple stocking stitch and sewed them together alternating knit side, pearl side, knit side, pearl side etc. I then knitted 4 long strips in basket stictch for the border. I also ordered the applique letters off the tinternet and sewed them on with extra stiching around any pokey corners.

Sewing the whole lot together was a bit of a mission especially as I realised that I needed to put somthing on the back to hide all the stiching. After having a chat to my crafty colleague Karen I opted to add some quilting. This is just basic cotton and wadding sewn together with additional cotton strips for a border. I then sewed by hand the knitted peice to the quilting. The overall size is 100 cms by 120 cms. It was all very time consuming but it didn't feel that bad as luckily I had just got into Supernatural and would just sew and knit away while watching Sam and Dean fight demons and angels. Actually, it was total bliss!

And here is the finished article with a little Evan trying it out!

I have a few other jumpers nearly done so should be putting them up in the next few weeks.

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