Monday, 1 August 2011

Nanna does Liverpool

So I get home from one night away and the Gorilla's bikini top has been pinched and its bottom has become very very saggy! While out with Bobby and Nicky at the tail end of the Harbour fest I made up a new top. Just spent ten mins adding the top and repairing the saggy pants. Hopefully they will fair a little better now.

We were at Ruth and Paul's wedding this weekend in lovely Liverpool. In what is becoming a bit of a pattern, for their wedding pressy I made them a robot loo roll cover. Paul loves his robots - they are a significant feature of a lot of his art projects. Ruth's art involves all things sinister and challenging so I thought this a rather fitting gift

Introducing Vampbot!

Hes naughty, very very naughty

They seemed very pleased with their gift which made me feel nice and warm inside. They weren’t the only ones who liked him though. Some of the bar staff tried to steal him! – poor show eh. He was thankfully retrieved so all is well.

While in a different city I thought is almost criminal not to add a little knitted item to the outdoor furniture. We were staying at really cool place called Parr Street Studios. At the bottom of Parr street, outside Cream is a roundabout with some lollipop structures. I added a pacman and ghosty

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