Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Well its been a crazy December. Crimbo market on the first weekend, ATP on the second and Will & Jo's wedding on the third. In between that I've been knitting away trying to get pressies done for Christmas. I'll be posting those up in the well earned break I'm having between Christmas and New Years.

I've also managed to make a few sales on Etsy! A lovely lady from Crewe bought two knitted beards and another lovely lady from Illinois bought the Santa hat & beard. Things are looking up!

Now, I get all sorts of requests from friends and family, but the weirdest tend to come from my work colleagues. For Christmas, Sarah asked me to make knitted loo roll cover of her husband ... I KNOW!.

And here is Gary....

I'm now thinking this could be a new line I put out on Etsy as a made to order product. Will have to pond on that.

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