Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A scary way to use up scraps

We had a mega tidy and sort out last weekend, which meant I had to do a job I had been putting off for a while - tidying up my yarn stash! I had a rummage through my yarn box and found several unfinished projects a fair few ball of un-started yarn and countless more balls that are either left over from bigger projects or I've inherited from generous peeps. I also have bags of yarn snippets left over from all the colour work I've done. I daren't throw any away - it could be useful one day! Instead of getting on and clearing out the cupboard under the sink, I thought a much better use of my time would be to knit up some of these odd bits of stash.

Enter Scrap Monster!

Its ok... don't be scared, she can’t get you - she hasn't got any arms! She just likes to intimidate with her menacing stare.

I made up the pattern myself (I know, get me!!!!). It’s just a rectangle with extensions for the ears, fold in half, add some tubes for legs and Taa Daaa. I'd knit the body quite tight, using 5mm needle on yarn recommended for 6mm so instead of using toy stuffing I used the yarn snippets. As the knit is so tight, the multicolour snippets don't show through.

During my rummage I also found a monster kit that Paul and Nicole had given to me several birthdays ago. I’m ashamed to say I’d completely forgotten about it. To keep Scarp Monster company I made it up. Haven’t got a name yet though so suggestions are very welcome.