Sunday, 17 June 2012

Center Parcs

I've just got back from a rather wonderful hollybols at Longleat Center Parcs. It was a fun packed week with all my chums and I wish it hadn't ended!

Its been an absolute age since I did any yarn bombing. I was actually starting to feel like a bit of a fraud when talking to people about it. This holiday was the perfect opportunity to get stuck in again. I've been making large pieces on the knitting machine - its the only thing its good for to be honest - and had one stripey number which would look perfect on a tree. On the cycle path near our villa I donned this lovely tree with its new woolly attire.

Actually, I was not the first to yarn up there. I forgot to get a pic but there were some pieces there done by  Handy Roach

P.S. I've got well into Instagram lately so a lot of my pics will now have a sepia tone!

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