Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sustained Attack on Brizzle

I'm trying to keep up with my bombing work.
This weekend I put up three newbies.

I've been poorly with a nasty cold that my beautiful nephew gave me. While tucked up under blankey on the sofa I made my first actual PAC MAN.

Cute isn't he. He's over the water from the SS Great Britain on the walk to the Grain Barge. I'll add the pattern to the Yarn Bombing Pattern page later this week.

Following Johanna's comment as to making GFB a knitted delight, I set to work on a long stripey number for the railings.

Really Really pleased with how its turned out. I got up early today (due to desperate need to blow my nose so I could breath) and nipped over to the bridge at around half 7 to avoid too much attention. I cringed when I saw a group of people still having a good time from the night before approaching. I was pleasantly surprise when one of them said how he'd love to see the whole bridge covered!

I couldn't resist and had to add two of my usual characters to it.

Last but not least I put up another Ghostie near the Arnolfini to keep the yellow one company.

I'm now concentrating on making pieces to put up in South Africa so I'll be leaving Brizzle alone for the time being.

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  1. I love your new piece on GFB! Can you please email me at I want to send you an email about an interesting project. Podknit x