Monday, 16 May 2011

ATP Guerilla Knitting

Just got back from the Animal Collective ATP. It was triffic wonderful goodness, mostly due to the company of Bobby, Sian and JP. I kept up the knitting while I was there and dished out finger tache to nice people I met and some people I think are brilliant like Ariel Pink. He wasn't quite sure what it was and just kept smelling it.

Here are some peices I put up around the pavilion

Mega tache only lasted a few hours.

This Space Invader went up on Saturday lunchtime and stayed there for most of the weekend. I saw a chap wearing it like a hat on Sunday night though - never thought I'd see that!

Sorry, pics aren't great, I was having too much fun! Will put more up when I get them off Rob and Sian.
Some guy tweeted that he saw them and thought they were cool - WINNING!


  1. We saw it and took photos. I absolutely loved coming across them--it was a great surprise.

    Thanks for improving ATP with your knitting!