Sunday, 13 February 2011

Getting back into it

I've had a lull I'm my knitting activities over the past month. This is mainly due to my complete absorbtion in the millennium trilogy (excellent bday pressy Siany!). I haven't quite finished the third book but I'm defo back in the knitting zone. Last weekend we spent lots of time in the pub with our wonderful friends. We were supposed to see Black Swan but left it a bit late and opted for the Bank for 5 hours of drinks, nobby's nuts and banter- bliss. Plenty of opportunity for public knitting too. I cracked on with a hat I promised to make J before Crimbo. He is a super starwars fan, so this pattern I found on ravelry is perfect, I just adapted it for an adult size:

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out but I really need to fine tune my colour technique, so I don't have back colours showing through.

I've also been making a few mobile socks for people.
Here are two I made for Hazel at work's daughter

Here is one for my lovely Siany

My next projects are going to be Yarn Bombing related. The majority of my space invaders and pacman ghosties have been taken down so I need to get new ones up! 

I have also discovered there is a knitting group at work so I'm going to tag along next thursday lunchtime. I don't usually go in for communal knitting so it will be nice to give it a try.

Ta Ta

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  1. it is sitting at my desk right now, my HTC snug inside. I love it!