Sunday, 27 February 2011

Back to the Bombing - Walrus and Space Invader

I've not been feeling 100% this week, I think I caught some disease floating around at work. I decided to skip gyming and spend the evenings on the sofa knitting up some pieces for public display - its been far too long.

I've noticed Gaol Ferry Bridge is becoming a bit of a Bristol yarn bombing Mecca, so I wanted to get in the mix.

Following the finger tache success, I made a big one for the railings so people can squat down in front of it and pretend they have a super large walrus.

I also put up a mini classic

As this seem to be a knitting friendly location I'm hoping these two bad boys stay up for a while, but they are at grab level so I'm probably being too optimistic


  1. Yay! I saw these on Sunday! Excellent. I think you have thrown down the gauntlet to get Gaol Ferry Bridge totally covered in knitting. Let's get on it.

  2. Yesssss!!!!!!!!!

    Lets do it!

  3. Aw the space invader is gone! I guess someone took him home.

  4. Pants! Oh well, lets hope he's being looked after and not in a muddy ditch somewhere.

    Thanks for being my spy on the ground!