Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Annalisa at work asked me to make some finger puppets for her daughters but a search on Ravelry revealed something much more fun:


They are super easy and quick to make so I've been going 'tache crazy. I've made about 20 so far and will continue until all of Bristol is tached up!

Thanks to my models: JP, Siany, Bobby, Ollie, Catatonic, Cary Grant, William Penn, Thomas Chatterton, Paul, Tony, Maria, David, Saskia, Tash, Emma, Lara, Alex, Mike, Duffy, Mark, Andy, Sarah, Hannah, Martin Clunes, Richard Bucket,John Inman, Annabel Croft, Babs, Shane Richtea, Liam, Lizzy, Nigel, Marion and Evan . There will doubtless be many more to come.

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